Community Guidelines

Kast is a live streaming and video platform that allows you to broadcast and upload content that you have created and wish to share with the community. It is our goal, as a facilitator of these user created communities, to provide an environment where everybody can feel welcome to share what they love with their friends. These guidelines are applicable to all of the Kast and Evasyst websites, any Kast mobile applications, and Kast managed public servers on other platforms such as but not exclusively Discord, Twitter, Facebook, and Reddit.

Our Vision

When we created Kast, we had some goals and visions in mind of what the platform could become. While our community will create their groups in their own way, we would hope that knowing our vision for Kast may help provide some guidance.

Prohibited Content

While we want to provide an environment that enables you to share content with their friends, our team does not actively monitor the content on the platform and we are not responsible for any streaming, chat, videos or other content that is posted. In order to promote these goals, and consistent with our Terms of Service, we expect all users and especially the party owners, mods, and admins to uphold these standards. In the event Parties are not self monitoring we may intervene.

The following content (including live streams, videos, and comments) is prohibited on the Kast platform:

Prohibited Actions

The following list are actions that will not be tolerated on Kast. Participating in any of these activities can lead you to being immediately removed from the platform, having any pending funds forfeited to Kast and if appropriate having the content given to law enforcement for legal action.

User Name Policy

Kast user names are provided on a first come, first serve basis. This means that if a name is available, the first person to register that name will have it.

Your username may be changed without notice if:

Rule Enforcement

In our effort to maintain our community standards, we reserve the right to take the following actions at any time for any conduct that violates our standards:

To report behavior or content that is inconsistent with these Community Standards, please contact Kast at:

Last updated on January 13th, 2020.

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