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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I use Kast TV?

Kast TV is available from your party controls in your party. Just hit the TV icon and launch content from Kast TV’s offering. If you are not in your own party, you’ll need kasting permission from the party moderators to start streaming Kast TV content. Here’s a quick guide to help you get started.

What kind of content is available for Kast TV?

When opening up Kast TV, you will see dedicated channels with free to stream third-party content (currently YouTube & Kast Mix) available for all. Kast TV’s content offering will evolve over time based on community feedback - we are eager to add more and more content that you like!

Is Kast TV a virtual browser?

Kast TV is not a virtual browser. With Kast TV, you can browse and stream content from our growing list of partners and third party services in your watch parties.

Who’s controlling Kast TV in a party?

Anyone with streaming rights can launch Kast TV in a watch party. The person who started the stream has the ability to control playback functions (stop, resume, etc) but anyone with streaming rights can replace the content.

Am I sharing from my computer when watching Kast TV in my party?

When you are watching Kast TV, you are streaming content directly from the cloud, you are not sharing it from your computer. This means that streaming from Kast TV requires less bandwidth and much less effort from your computer or laptop. You can also share your video and talk over videos streamed from Kast TV regardless if you are a streamer or not - kasting permission is required to talk in the party.

Can I use Kast TV on mobile?


Do I need to pay for Kast TV?

All the content in Kast TV is currently free.

Can I still share my screen on Kast?

Absolutely, Kast TV is an additional feature on top of already existing ones. You can still choose to kast from your laptop or computer.

Can we watch Kast TV and talk at the same time?


Can we watch Kast TV content with my friend who is not a premium member?


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